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The trip to Hudøy is for the children attending Refstad primary school, from 2nd to 7th grade, and their parents. To join the trip you must register your child and the parent and pay a fee for each participant. This fee covers travel, housing, food and everything else on the island.

About the trip

The trip is organized by a foundation run by the parents of the children at Refstad primary school. We have a close dialogue with the school administration, but the school is not involved in any part of the trip.
Refstad school has taken this trip to Hudøy every year for the past 24 years, and the school administration say that it has a great effect on the children and their social environment. The trip brings us closer, both children and parents, because we get to know each other better.

About the island

The island of Hudøy is a small paradise that has been used for summer camps by Oslo municipality for many years. The island has 11 colonies/houses and we rent all the houses during our trip, which means that we are the only ones on the island.

Hudøy has many great places for playing in the water and swimming, suited for all ages. The island also has several small forests that are great for going on adventures.

In addition there are large areas for playing football and other games. If you feel the need to slow down and just read a book, there are great places for this too. The island has everything you need for a short time out with friends.

About the colonies/houses

Each grade has their own colony/house, and the boys and the girls have separate dormitories. The parents at each house take different responsibilities and they organize the tasks so that everything runs smoothly. Each house also has appointed a house manager with the overall responsibility, and this person will inform you of everything you need to know.

Each house has enough beds for all the children, and some of the parents (many parents sleep outside in their own tents). The houses also have kitchen, dining room, showers and the toilets are outside.

Parents roles and responsibilities

Since the whole trip is organized by parents of the children at Refstad primary school, we also depend on everyone contributing and helping with what they can.

The primary role of parents at the island is to make sure that the children are safe and well. Every parent (except those who take on a specific role – see next section) get responsibility for 4-5 children along with another parent. Together you will make sure that you know the whereabouts of these children at all times, go with them on adventures and help them with practical needs they might have.

The house manager will set ut a group chat so that all parents at the same colony/house can communicate during the trip.

Specific roles you can take

Every house needs someone to follow up on specific tasks, just to make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone can enjoy the trip. If you want to volunteer for one of the roles, please talk to your house manager.

The roles include responsibility for bus travels (to and from Hudøy), food and kitchen, cleaning, toilets, bedtime routines, fire safety, health and first aid, activities and contact person for the newspaper.

Packing for the trip

After almost 25 trips to Hudøy, we know what is necessary to bring. Two things we would like you to remember:

  • Please pack everything in bags, not suitcases.
  • Label everything with your or the childs name. Every sock, shoe, water bottle and stiffed animal.

This packing list applies for the adults as well, maybe except the stuffed animal. If you are planning on sleeping outside you must bring your own tent and everything you need for that.

six assorted colors tote bags on white wooden cabinet
  • Clothes for 5 days. No need to change clothes every day
  • Some warm clothes: sweater, pants, wool socks, etc.
  • Rain gear and rubber boots (even if we think it’s not going to rain)
  • Sneakers (a lot of running and playing)
  • Shoes for walking in the water (some shells in the sea can make deep cuts in your foot. We do not recommend flip flops!)
  • Swim wear
  • Duvet cover, pillowcase and bed sheets (everyone gets a bed with a duvet and a pillow
    • If you prefer a sleeping bag you must still bring a pillow case and a bed sheet
  • Tooth brush, toothpaste, soap and shampoo
  • Towel (one large and one small)
  • Sunscreen and bug spray (mosquitoes)
  • Favorite stuffed animal
  • A book or something to read
  • A small backpack for short adventures
  • Life vest (mandatory for all children in 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade)
  • A lunch and something to drink on the bus trip to Hudøy
  • Candy for maximum 50 kr. We collect all the candy on the bus to Hudøy and divide equally when we get to the island
    • Please make sure you label candy that is halal or other specific diet so we don1t mix it with the rest


General rules we follow